Thomas Annan, 202 Hope St., 1859 till 1872

Thomas Annan, the most famous of Glasgow's Victorian photographers, appeared first in the directories in 1856, as 'Berwick and Annan', and the company of Thomas Annan & sons were active throughout the 20th century. The cdv above does not mention the premises in Hamilton, where Annan worked from 1859, but the card is probably not as early as this, perhaps 1860 or 1861, though a gilt edged card as early as this is very unusual. It is an image of exceptional quality, and the arrangement is designed to illustrate the learning and social status of the doctor

back of card

Robert Dalglish was an MP for Glasgow from 1857 till 1874. It is likely that both these square cornered cards with text only reverse come from the early 1860s, with the Dalglish portrait being the later.

The design on the card below was in use in 1864, and from the more ornate style is probably later than those above.

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