The 'A' List

In the table below, 'FKD' is the first known date at which the photographer was found to be operating, and 'LKD' the last date. '86' is 1886, and '14+' means the person was in business after 1914. A highlighted entry means that there are examples of photographers work, which can be seen by clicking on the name. For the references, see the 'SOURCES' section

Photographer NameAddressFKDLKDComments
Adam & Co.5 St. Vincent Pl.8383 Worked from the 'Victoria Gallery
Adamson, A. G.136 Buchanan St.8387 Ref 1 has 74 - 83. Ref 2 has 83 only
Adamson Bros,136 Buchanan St.8495
Adamson, J. & Son126 Sauchiehall St.7273
Adamson, John87 Sauchiehall St.5555 Ref 1 has 55 - 57
Agnew & Gibb45 Bridge St.9797 'The Expert Photographists'!
Agnew & Son45 Bridge St.9804 Presumably the same Agnew as above
AgnewBroomielaw1313 Ref. 2
Aitken, John35 Dumbarton Rd., Partick9397 'Partick Bridge'?
Aitken, John390 Dumbarton Rd.9805 Ref. 6 has till 1907.
Alexander Bros.88 Renfield St.6697
Alexander & Co.6 Union St.9699
Alexander & Co.172 Argyle St.0000 Ref. 4 only
Allan Bros.1569 Grt. Western rd.0707 Ref. 4
Allan Bros.52 West Nile St.0914+
Allan, Robt.188 St. Vincent St.7878 Ref 1 has 188 West Nile St. 78 - 82
Allan, Robt248 West George St.7981
American Midget Co., Ltd, The259 Argyle St.0708 Later, the 'American Galleries'
American Studios, The,21 Argyle St.05?08? Only known from one cabinet card. Photographer could be W. C. Johnston.
Anderson Bros.17 Sutherland St.0013
Anderson Bros.139 Trongate0808
Anderson, T. M.21 Argyle St.5959 May be the same person as below
Anderson, Thos. M.4 St. Enoch Sq.6465
Anderson, Thos. M.26 Jamaica St.6671
Anderson, Thos. M.56 Jamaica St.7090 Ref 2 has 73 - 91
Anderson, Willie364 Dumbarton Rd.9110 364 Hamilton Place?
Annan, John66 Sauchiehall St.57? From Ref. 1 only
Annan, T.116 Sauchiehall St.5758
Annan, Thos202 Hope St.5972 Opened premises in Hamilton in 1859. Bought rights to Carbon print process in 1866.
Annan, T.77 Sauchiehall St.7374 Ref 2 has 66 - 67
Annan, Thos.153 Sauchiehall St.7377 Acquired the licences for Autotype and Chromotype in 1877
Annan & Skelton153 Sauchiehall St.7777 Moved printing works to Lenzie in 1877.
Annan, T. & R.153 Sauchiehall St.7887 Brother Robert joined in 1878. Licence for Heliogravure in 1883.
Annan, T., R. & Sons153 Sauchiehall St.8891 Royal warrant granted in 1889.
Annan, T., R. & Sons234 Sauchiehall St.9297
Annan, T., R. & Sons 230 Sauchiehall St.9204
Annan, T., R. & Sons518 Sauchiehall St.0414+
Archibald, A. B.22 Gairbraid St.0607 Ref. 2. Western Photo Studio.
Archibald, A.21 Gibson St.1114+
Armour, Jas.40 Summers St., Mile-end 8094Ref. 5 has till 1897
Armour, Jas. Jnr.40 Summers St. Mile-end8596
Armour, Jas. Cathkin Ave., Rutherglen0707 Ref. 4.
Arnaud, Mattw.504 Sauchiehall St.0103
Arthur, John1433 Pollokshaws Rd.0707 Ref. 4
Arthurlie Fine Art Co., The9 South Frederick St.0000 Ref. 2 has till 1904. Photographic Enlargers.