Alex. Finlayson, 137 new City Rd., 1885 - 1906

The first cdv above is on a thick self-coloured card, with gilded and chamfered edges, and blank on the back. The rustic fence is characteristic of the late seventies, but the fashion and card are more of the late eighties. This type of card is known to have been in use by Finlayson until at least 1893, and as elsewhere, could have been used anytime between 1886 and 1895. The increased density of the darker tones suggest this a carbon paper print, as opposed to the universal albumen prints of earlier years. The second cdv with the white ink would be later, perhaps mid 1890s.

The cabinet card below, showing Mr. Harry Pickering and his family (Inscription on back) is on a matt card, and could be slightly earlier than 1895. Finlayson seems to have been fairly conservative in his designs, the same layout and fonts being used in all of these present examples.

From the style and colour of the cabinet card below, this comes from 1890s, However, the image looks older, perhaps from the 1860s, and may have been an earlier print re-photographed.

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