William Hall, 17 Argyle St., 1896 - 1903

Thk = 32 - 36   GM

The thick gilded and mitred edge card above is what would be expected from the late 1890s, as is the artistic and typically high Victorian design on the back. Pleasingly, the date claimed on this card for the establishment of his practice, 1879, is close to the date found for his earlier appearance at 21 Argyle street.

Thk = 35 - 39   GM

A late Victorian cdv retaining the gilt bevelled edge and embossed text with details on the back, but with the fashion showing signs of the new century.

Thk = 39 - 43   WM

A slightly later cdv , probably from the turn of the century, evidenced by the white graphic below, the dark matt card, and the white bevelled edge. Cdvs were less common after this time.

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