Crawford Hamilton, 49 Jamaica St., 1891 to 1896

thk = 35 - 56   G   No. 1735 thk = 37 - 43    SM

The lady is judged to be the earlier of the two on the basis of the simpler design at the bottom of the card, and the low number written on the back - 1735. This card has gilt but square edges, whereas the gentleman is on a silvered and chamfered edge card. Both prints are on thick paper, very reflective, and starting to separate at the edges, which was a characteristic of prints produced by some of the developments of the carbon process, such as chromotypes. Hamilton was in Greenock from 1892. (Ref. 7) Apart from the high button on the jacket, the gentleman would pass unremarked on the street today.

The cabinet card below, with its gilt and chamfered edge and small graphic, is probably the latest of the three, dating perhaps to 1894 or 1895.

thk = 34- 39    GM

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