(J.) Hampton, 4 St. Enoch Square, 1891 - 1892

thk = 33 - 38  GM  No. 7453

This cabinet card has suffered in the years since its production in 1891 or 1892. It possibly belongs to the second year, since the exposure number on the back, 7453, seems high for just one year's activities. It could be that Hampton was at this studio into 1893, since the next occupant noted there, Alexander Young and Sons, is not recorded till 1894.

The print on the one below is thicker, and has faded at the edges, and started to separate from the card, a characteristic of one of the more advanced print finishing processes, such as chromotype. But the slightly peaked shoulders are typical of the same period, and though it is not numbered, it looks later the one above.

thk = 33 - 45  GM

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