Hampton Brothers, 2 West Campbell St., 1883 to 1890

thk = 30 - 32

The cabinet card above has a similar design to others used by Bowman, MacNab and others, up to the mid 1880s. It probably dates to 1883 or 1884, and the scale of the design suggests that it was transferred exactly from a cdv.

The cdvs below and the cabinet card below them have a similar design (partially obscured by a label on the first cdv) to the cabinet card above, but are on George Mason cards and sport the Aberdeen coat of arms, where the brothers were born (Torrance). They only differ in the printers identification at the bottom, having 'Glasgow' included on the first cdv. The 'Photographic Artists' text on the cabinet card is less ornately treated, but it is not clear which of the three forms is earlier, though all three are likely to be later then the card above.

thk = 24 - 28   No. 753 thk = 23 - 26
thk = 37 - 39

Two cdvs, probably from the mid to late eighties. The use of printing on the back of darkly coloured cards does not seem to have lasted long, it being difficult to see the text. (The image of the back of the first card above has here been lightened.) The chair in the second one appears in the cdv and cabinet card above, and also in later cdvs from the Hampton Brothers' operations in Argyle street. The two above seem to have the same curtain showing. The back of the right hand one is blank

thk = 25 - 28   R thk = 37 - 40   GM

In the cabinet card below, the cameraman, or his assistant, has succeeded in capturing the interest of the children in their simulated outdoor setting. It has the same backdrop as the cdv on the right above, and as a standard 'green and gold' card would come from the late 1880s.

thk = 32 - 37   GM

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