William J. Hogg, 73 Grt. Hamilton St., 1859 - 1893

thk = 21 - 24 thk = 23 - 27

Two cdvs above with identical designs on the back, and similar backdrop. Judging by the simple furnishings, full length framing, and clothing fashion, both belong to the early 1860s.

The Dickensian character on the cdv below in front of a painted rural backdrop looks later, and could be into the 1870s. The reverse design is slightly different from those above.

thk = 21 - 23

Thie cdv below is placed after the one above, and before the one below only on the basis of design evolution , card thickness, and the gilding of the edge. The costume would suggest a date in the mid 1870s.

thk = 22 - 26   G

thk = 35 - 39   G

The cdv above, with a more ornate design on the back of a thicker, gilt edged card, and a closer approach of the camera, would be dated to the early 1880s. The design on this George Mason card seems to have been copied by Alfred Howell (q.v.)

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