John P. Hutchison, 249 Argyle St., 1880 - 1887

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Two cdvs from early 1880s. Ref. 2 gives us a date of 1882 only for Hutchison in Coatbridge, though dates may be missing. The unusual matt coloured card of the second only mentions Glasgow, so is probably after this date.

The design of the first card below is similar to the second above, but shows a presence in three border towns, which from the scanty information available would suggest a date of 1889, though Hutchison is not recorded in Glasgow after 1887. The 1891 census shows Hutchison living in Penicuik as a photographer (Torrance). The second card below is almost identical to those used by MacNab among others which have been dated to the late 1880s.

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The first cabinet card below shows a small family group, and one wonders whether the gap at the back is significant. The carefully staged effect is somewhat weakened by the curtain hanging from a string! The second is probably later, on the strength of the similarity between its text and the text on the cdv below it, but both again date to the late 1880s, just before the use of glossy card and embossed text became the norm.

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The cdv below is of the classic 'green and gold' type, a form which existed from 1885 till 1895, but again is presumably around 1890.

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