J. N. Paton, 294 Shields Rd., 1884 - 1902

This yellow toned cabinet card above has an unusual design on the back, which is known however from some English examples. It may come from the mid 1880s, but this is not certain.

The date of the cdv below is not clear either. On the strength of the filigree scrolls on the back, which were common in the late 1870s up to the mid 1880s, it can also be tentatively assigned to the 1880s.

The above images courtesy of Susan Breakenridge.

The four portraits below come from the late 1880s or early 1890s, judging by the use of 'cream and glossy' and 'green and gold' standard gilt edged cards. The light and dark forms were probably available as alternatives to customers at the same time. They are are blank on the back, except for the first cdv, which is hand numbered 1085.

thk = 33 - 38   GM

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