Ralston & Sons, 141 Sauchiehall St., 1870 - 1892

An attempt is made below to show the times that Ralston & Sons occupied the various premises at which they have been located. There is as ever an amount of uncertainty in the dates, but does provide a first means of dating cards depending on the addresses listed on them.

The company was only at the two addresses given on the two cdvs below between 1870 and 1879, and the dates 'Autumn 1877 and 'April 1878' can just be seen at the top of them. The cards are gilt edged and supplied by Marion, Imp., Paris, who had premises or agents in the UK. At least two differently toned versions of card were available, presumably at the same time.

In the cabinet card below the addresses suggest a date between 1880 and 1891, as they do on the cdv below it. Both of these are Marion cards, and the cabinet card carries the further imprint in small letters at the bottom - 'Robertson, Dennistoun, Glasgow' who was presumably the agent. The cdv is probably the later, judging by the more ornate design, and the closer framing of the subject.

The small image below it is some kind of miniature cdv, measuring 32 x 58 mms. The dating of this is uncertain - it carries only the 141 Sauchiehall street address - but there does not seem to have been a period when this was their only address. These small (coupon?) cards are known in a variety of sizes.

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