Ralston & Sons, 73 Sauchiehall St., 1868 - 1874

A rather faded image of two similarly presented ladies, probably sisters, and perhaps a brother. The design on the back is typical of the late 1860s, so the card is probably from 1868 or 1869.

The first cdv above is placed next solely on the basis of the thin card, and the red border it shares with the second above. The dated second has the same design on the back as was used earlier at 108 Renfield street, and indeed examples of this design are known from 1868. This suggests the date of the first above could be 1869 or 1870. Text and graphics in red seem to have been common around the early 1870s. The third below is embossed in a manner that occurs elsewhere between 1872 and 1874

By the time of the second cdv below, Ralstons are also established at 165 Sandringham Terrace, where they were from 1874 - 1879. One source suggests they were at this address from 1870, but there is no evidence of this on the earlier cards. The first card below has a similar design, and probably comes from between 1871 and 1874. This design of card, which persisted for at least six years, was available in a number of colour options, and is on the second card below here gilt edged for the first time.

This example courtesy of Susan Breakenridge.

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