J. Drummond Shiels, 49 Jamaica St., 1906 - 1912

A beautifully prepared matt portrait on a cabinet card, with an informative design on the back. The medallions that can be seen date to 1900 and 1901, and Ref. 2 gives a start date of 1903 at this address, so it is possible that the card dates to before 1906. The card when obtained came in a fitted tissue envelope, and may have come from the Edinburgh studio.

(Reduced to 3/4 size)

An impressive matt finish to another carefully composed portrait, unusually with a small white border. The print measures 9.3 x 13.7 cms, almost exactly the same dimensions as the print on a standard cabinet card, but here mounted on a minimally embossed card measuring 19.7 x 24.6 cms. The only markings on it are the logo shown.

(Reduced to 3/4 size)

Two Edwardian ladies on an oval print mounted on a card, the dimensions of which are similar to the one above. The back of the card is blank, the only identification being the same small device on the front carrying the name and address.

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