Jechiel Sternstein, 364 St. George's Rd., 1891 - 1914+

A cabinet card showing a class photographed against the sandstone wall of the school. Sternstein seems to have been conservative in his use of design, and dating is difficult. Judging by the styles in other class pictures, it could possibly come from the late 1890s. The back is shown below,

The backing card on the portrait below has been trimmed at the top, the original card size must have been about 25.3 x 20.4 cms, and the print itself 14.2 x 10.1 cms, about the same as on the earlier cabinet cards. The space around the print shows this to be an Edwardian product. Between the embossed name and address below the print is 'estbd 1873' in a floral whorl, which seems to have been the date Sternstein started his business in Germany, 10 years before he came to Glasgow.

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