Stevenson & Co., 109 Bothwell St., 1889 - 1912

A cdv and cabinet card probably from the early 1890s, both with gilded but square edges. The cabinet card below still has its original protective tissue attached to the top of the back to fold over the front. The text on it stresses the abilty to provide enlargements, not an easy procedure before electric lighting. The recently completed American Statue of Liberty (1886), is featured.

The cabinet card below shows a small logo at the bottom left, a common format in the early Edwardian years. It also has a bevelled but unpainted edge, again a characteristic of this period. The table looks similar to the one used above.

The postcards below must be later than 1902, when the Post Office first permitted the use of 'divided back' cards. The postmark on the second seems to be October 1913, after Stevenson ceased trading, if the dates are correct

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