Studio Cecil, 152 Sauchiehall St., 1901 - 1914+

The premises at No. 152 seem to have functioned as a studio from 1893 till the first world war. However, it is not clear when they were named, nor who the resident photographers were, nor the proprietor if different, over this period. Fairbairn and Phimister may have been here as early as 1908, and P. M. Stevenson may have been proprietor from 1908. The first portrait ( on a 16 x 22cms card, shown about half size) above has the same font and flourish as one definitely from the Fairbairn partnership (q.v.) The second, and even larger product ( 20.2 x 27.9cms ) has 'Cecil studio' and a much less prominent text. Both of these show how images are now being surrounded by larger areas of card, but dating within this period is uncertain.

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