A & G Taylor, 127 Sauchiehall St., 1897 - 1908

A very helpful cdv which confirms the date at which the company moved to Sauchiehall street, as they were using the last cards from the previous address overstamped by hand. The numbering also carried on from the earlier system. This design therefore seems to have persisted for some time, with the only change from about 1894 being the removal of the American locations. There is a problem however, in the mention of Arbroath, which according to the records, was only occupied from 1882 till 1884.

Assuming that Taylor's soon reset their numbering at the new address, the low number on this cabinet card, and the fact that the lady's sleeves still show some signs of 1890s style, suggest that the card comes from the earlier years at this address.

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