A. & G. Taylor, 13 St. Vincent Place, 1877 - 1897

The 'rotating squares' design on the back of the first cdvs above was introduced by Marion in the early 1870s, but persisted for many years after. No mention is made of a presence in Edinburgh on the first card, where the Taylors opened in 1878, so it would date to 1877/8. The second names the location in Dundee, where the Taylors were in 1880, but not Greenock, which was reached in 1881, so the date of it would be 1880/81. Examples of this design are known numbered 17003 and 17676. The cdv below shows the continued expansion of the business, and probably comes from 1881 or 1882

It was understandably the custom of the studios to claim eminent patrons, and the royal family were principle among these. However, many claimed such patronage without justification, and in 1884 a prosecution was brought against A & G Taylor for featuring the royal coat of arms without authorisation. the Taylors were awarded a royal warrant only in 1891. The cdv and cabinet card below can be dated to the period 1882 - 1885 (the dates they operated in Arbroath) so like the cards above, imply royal patronage without specific permission to do so. Both of these are on cards supplied by Marion Imp. (printers)

The cdvs below will probably be after 1891, since the coat of arms appears again, along with a specific statement referring to the warrant. The lady in the first one exhibits the fashion of the early 1860s with ears totally enclosed by her hair and bonnet, and is possibly a re-photograph of an earlier image. The lady in the second shows the peaked shoulders, which were a characteristic of the early 1890s. An example of this design is known numbered 52,381.

The cabinet card below showing the gentleman in the spindle turned chair bears a negative number of 80060, and probably dates to 1897, since an example dated to 1896 is known numbered over 76,000.


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