John Urie, 83 Jamaica St., 1869 - 1887

This first cdv above has the Buchanan street design overprinted with the new Jamaica street address, so presumably comes from the first years there, 1869 or 1870.

The two cards above are of similar design, but the second looks more refined and later.. The thin card (0.020") and the 'Late Buchanan Street' on the back also suggest a date still no later than the very early 1870s. This design of the second cdv above is also found on slightly thicker card (0.026") and is presumably slightly later again.

The design of the first card below, of grandparents Denny, puts its date in the later 1870s. Their eyes, probably blue, (which did not show well on early emulsions) have been touched up by hand. The second carries the Dundee location, where Urie was from 1878 till 1881 (Torrance), but is presumably later than the first, since Dundee also appears on the cards below.

The cdv below, on a Mason card, is 0.027" thick, and is probably from 1880 or 1881, since Dundee appears.. It shows further expansion by the firm, but dates elsewhere are not known.

Dark green and gold cards with gilt mitred edges and gold embossed text were the norm between 1885 and 1895, On the cdv below the text is not embossed, a form which is believed to have preceded the embossed version, so is likely to be within a year or so of 1885.

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