W. M. Warneuke, 153 Sauchiehall St., 1892 till 1908

The medallions on the back of the cabinet card above and the cdv below refer to dates between 1853 and 1891, which predate any record of this practitioner in Glasgow. The cabinet card is a fine carbon type print of mater familias and her sons, and her elevated shoulders suggest a date in the early 1990s, possibly 1992 or 1993 after the last date noted. The cdv below, again with a thick print is numbered 519, so a little later than the cabinet card. Both of these are have square cut gilt edges.

The awards listed on the back of the portrait of Mrs Gilfillan below start at 1875, and stop at 1894. They feature locations as far apart as South Africa, USA, Arnhem, as well as several from the British mainland. By the same arguments, this could be dated to 1895 or 1896. The image is on a thick print, which has the Warneuke name embossed, on a card with a chamfered and whitened edge.

The cabinet card below, unfortunately crudely trimmed at the bottom, has the same set of medallions on the back as the one above, but has a gilded but unchamfered edge, and gilded lettering. The name is similarly embossed on the print, and could be earlier than the card above.

The final portrait below seems to be a transitional form between the cabinet card, and the Edwardian portrait with typically greater space around the image. The card is the same size as a cabinet card, and has a gilt and chamfered edge, which disappeared after the end of the century. It has the same form of embossed name as on previous cards - though no address - and has an imtermediate paper between the print and the backing. It probably comes from the first years of the new century.

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