Watson & Wilson, 83 Jamaica St., 1891 - 1914+

The first cabinet card above is a poorly preserved and somewhat damaged image of a working gent, (numbered 9907 on the back), and the second a more sophisticated portrait in the same basic format. Watson and Wilson were in Clydebank from 1897 - 1908 (Ref. 7), and since neither of these mention the Clydebank address, would precede that date. The cdv below is of the same design, and the style of the sleeves confirm a date in the early 1890s.

The form of the cards below with the Clydebank address must be later than 1897 and is found numbered up to 23,000 The two below are numberd 16,342 and 20,163 respectively, but are probably still Victorian. All of the cards have a gilt and bevelled edge, and blank on the back.

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