James Whyte (& Sons), 20 Union St., 1904 - 1914+

A high gloss portrait on card in the style of a decade earlier. This is curious, since the cabinet cards below are similar to the last ones from the previous address. Unfortunately this present one is not numbered, but is likely to be from 1904 or 1905.

This card has a design carried over from 37 Jamaica Street and is numbered 7240 on the back. This does not follow on from the numbers used in Jamaica street, so perhaps the numbering was started afresh in Union street. If so, it could be dated to around 1905, assuming a similar throughput. The gentleman with the telescope does not look like a British sailor, so perhaps is a piermaster or coastguard?

This card also has a design carried over from 37 Jamaica Street. It is numbered 29160 on the back, which on the same assumptions suggests a date around 1908 or 1909. It is certainly after 1906 when the studio became 'Whyte & Sons'.

The image above courtesy of James McLuckie.

The large card above is more typical of a portrait from the mid Edwardian years. It is shown approx. half size, the card measures17.3 x 23cms, the print 10.1 x 14.2cms, which was a common print size. It again should be after 1906 for the same reason.

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