Commercially Produced Card Types

Initially with the advent of cdvs photographers supplied their own backing card. But soon the volume became so great, that printers started producing a range of standard designs which were minimally altered for each company. Presumably each printer offered the photographers a cataloque of designs from which they chose. Some of these are shown below along with an attempt to say when they were available. This is far from a complete list. Designs were also copied, whether with permission or not, and where a set of similar designs has been identified they are included below.

The French company, Marion Imp., who also had premises in England, produced this 'rotating squares' design in the early 1870s. This and slight variations of it were widely copied, and these are likely to be such copies, since the printers name does not occur at the bottom of the card. 1873 +- 345
The first cdv here carries the Glasgow printer's name, George Mason, at the bottom. The second does not, and is different in detail - perhaps again a case of the one providing the inspiration for the other. 1883 +- 249
Examination of the dates at which various photographers using this design were in operation suggests that it was available in the late 1880s and may have carried on into the early 1890s. The cards carry the legend 'Reg. C, E. & C' in small print at the bottom, presumably the printer. 1886 +- 355
Edgar was only at this address between 1887 and 1890, so the design was available in this period. 1889 +- 357
These cards with their chinoiserie influence are unfortunately not closely dated by the photographers, who were in operation from the seventies till the new century, but having common elements with the designs above and below can be provisionally assigned to five years either side of 1890. 1890 +- 551
Ness worked here from 1888 till 1897. 1890 +- 563
This, and the following two designs, are from the company 'C, E & C', and are in a high victorian style. Dunbar is noted at this address from 1889 till 1898. 1890 +- 559
This design must have been available after 1896, when Hall came to this address. 1893 +- 561
Mitchell was apparently only in Greenock betwen 1899 and 1901. However, this design also appears without the Greenock address, so it can be only be assigned to the late 1890s. 1897 +- 367

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