Allan Bothers, at 1569 Grt. Western Rd. in 1907 only

Being recorded at this address for only one year, then dating of these cabinet cards can be made confidently . If this is so, this is valuable, since the type of design of the first card, with a small logo on the bottom left, and name and address on the bottom right on a lightly toned card is commonly encountered. Both of these are presumably from the same address at 1569 Great Western road, where there is still an Ancaster building. It is to be imagined that the photographer would present his customer with a variety of available card types and formats.

The portrait below ( shown approx. half size) is larger than the standard cabinet card size, (10.6 x 16.5cms) being about 15.2 x 20.3cms. However, the print size is almost exactly the same as on a cabinet card. This card shows a transition to the Edwardian custom of surrounding images with larger area of background, and still has a chamfered edge.

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