T. Miles Anderson, 56 Jamaica St., 1870 - 1890

The Misses Archibald must have posed in their simulated rural setting no later than the very early 1870s, judging by the thin square cornered card, and the centralised design on the back, which is the same as that used at the previous address.

The two cdvs above, are still on thinnish card with plain untreated edges. Anderson was in Ashton, Gourock from 1882 till 1896, so the second cdv above must be between 1882 and 1890, probably the earlier part of this period, and the first probably earlier

These two are on slightly thicker card, and have gilt edges, which would normally make them later, though the fashion seems if anything earlier. The dating of these is uncertain as is the cdv below, on thicker card still, though with ungilded edge..

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