Anderson Brothers, 17 Sutherland St., 1901 - 1913

It is assumed that this card comes from this address, although there does not currently appear to be a Sutherland street - which is the address found in the directories - in Springburn. The cabinet card is numbered 4465 on the otherwise blank back, which might suggest the second or third years of operation. The gold lettering on the front and square edge is similarly disposed to that on a card by Mitchell, which was dated to around the turn of the century.

The matt and toned card below with silvered edges and inscriptions is similar to others from around the middle Edwardian years. The Anderson brothers seem to have been in Dalry before and during their operations in Glasgow, so it is not clear why Dalry is not mentioned on the card above. The card below is blank on the back, with only a hand written number '10468'.

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