J. C. Burne, Court House Sq., Saltmarket, 1857 - 1875

Three different addresses for Burne appear in the records for his early period - Jail Square, Court House Square, and 184 Saltmarket. Nineteenth century maps show the prison and court house in one building at the bottom of Saltmarket, so the assumption is provisionally made that the three are the same location. These two cdvs belong to the first half of the 1860s, compare for example the first with the cdv of Brown & Greatrex, dated 1864.

The cdv below (of a Chinese family?) looks as if it would come from the mid 1870s. The directories show that between 1868 and 1874 the address was occupied by J. C. Burne & Son. Perhaps this card is from the last year at this address, 1875, when the son had left the business.

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