The 'B' List

In the table below, 'FKD' is the first known date at which the photographer was found to be operating, and 'LKD' the last date. '86' is 1886, and '14+' means the person was in business after 1914. A highlighted entry means that there are examples of photographers work, which can be seen by clicking on the name. For the references, see the 'SOURCES' section.

Photographer NameAddressFKD LKDComments
Baillie, Jas.204 St. James Rd.9297 'John' after 1895 ?
Balabanian & Yuill184 Paisley Rd.1014+
Bald, A. H.94 West Nile St.6367 ' Alexander Henry '
Bald, A. H.175 Buchanan St.6767 See entry above.
Bald, A. H.202 Hope St.6873
Barclay Bros.59 Bath St.9901 Ref 1 has 98 - 99. Ref 2 has 99 - 02. Ref. 6 has till 1903.
Barr, Jas.52 West Nile St.6467
Barry, W. Clarke534 Sauchiehall St.0914+ Romney Photo Studios
Beard, Richard43 Buchanan St.42? From Ref. 3. Proprietor
Becket, Jas.2 Brougham Terr., Crosshill6769 Ref 4. has 'Bicket, Jas.' at Broughton Terr.
Beckford Ltd.136 Buchanan St. 9698 'Queen's Studios'
Bell, Geo.96 Trongate6468 The next six entries probably relate to the same person
Bell, George57 Argyle St.7092 George Bell was treasurer of the Glasgow Photographic Association from 1867 till 1869.
Bell, Geo. & Co.152 Sauchiehall St.9300 In Ref. 6 till 1903
Bell, George & Son152 Sauchiehall St.9494
Bell, Geo.124 Holland St.0102
Bell, Geo.336 Sauchiehall St.,0508 Ref. 5 has till 1912
Bell, Geo.1 Scott St., Garnethill0707 Ref. 4
Bell, Geo.303 Sauchiehall St.,1313
Bell, Geo. & Co.132 West Nile St.1314+
Bell, JohnMain St., (Anderston?)8686
Bell, Robt.54 Eglinton St.5757
Bennett & Sons8 Mathieson Rd.0404
Bennett & Co.171 Renfield St.0608
Bergman Phototype Co.534 Sauchiehall St.0001
Berlin Photographic Rooms202 Hope St.7984 See Wohlgemuth, B. Probably occupied till 1886.
Bernard, J.Monteith Rooms, 67 Buchanan St.4650 from Ref. 3. Daguerreotypes. 'Bernard's Photographic Miniatures' in 1850.
Berrwick & Annan86 Woodlands Rd.5556 Calotypists. First appearance of Thomas Annan.
Bertram, H. T.132 West Nile St.94? From ref 1.
Bertram, H. T.65 Bath St.9495
Bertram, Harry103 Bath St.9614+ Self proclaimed 'Artist to the Profession'
Bibo, Herman. Ludwig.88 Glassford St.5457 in Ref 3.
Bibo, Herman. Ludwig.67 West Nile St.5456
Bicket, Jas.2 Brougham Terr., Victoria Rd.6767 Ref. 4.
Black's Studio37 Jamaica St.1114+
Blair, Hugh21 Argyle St.6060 From Ref. 4.
Boag, St. Clair66 Woodlands rd.9802 Appears once as 'St. Clair, Boag'. In Ref. 6 till 1903.
Boag, St. Clair86 Woodlands rd.0307
Bomont, Fred234 Sauchiehall St.9397
Borthwick, Alex.85 Buchanan St.8689 Ref 5 has till 91
Borthwick, Miss48 Holmstead Rd..4650 Ref. 1 only. 'Daguerreotyp(e)ist ' Home Address?
Borthwick, Miss4 Cathedral St.4650 Ref. 1 only
Borthwick, MissBuchanan St. Pavillion4650 Ref. 1 only
Bowman, Andrew96 Trongate6767 From Ref 2.
Bowman, Andrew74 Jamaica St.6784 'Bowman's Gem Portraits'
Bowman, James 65 Jamaica St.5586 Produced ambrotypes in the early years.
Boyack, Alex.18 West Howard St. (depot)6274
Boyack, Alex.204 Hope St.7578
Boyle, J. & Chartrers40 Bellgrove St.9900
Brinklie, R.106 West Nile St.8686 Ref. 5 only.
Brinkley & Stevenson141 Sauchiehall St.8997 Ref. 2 has Brinkley, R. & Sons here at this time.
Brinkley & Stevenson89 Dalmarnock Rd..9696 From Ref 2.
Brinkley, R. & Son141 Sauchiehall St.9804 Must have co-existed here with Brinkley & Stevenson
Brinkley, Robt. & Son181 Sauchiehall St.9999 the '181' is possibly a mistaken transcription for 141
Brinkley, R. & Co.230 Sauchiehall St.0414+ Brinkley, R. & Son after 1905. Possibly also at No. 234
Brinklie, R.106 West Nile St. 8686 Ref. 5.
Brookes & Co.202 Hope St.9900
Brown & Greatrex263 Hope St.6465
Brown & Greatrex76 Sauchiehall St.6465 Not found in directories, but address on back of cdvs
Brown, A. Taylor196 St. Vincent St.1213 Commercial Photographer
Brown, Hugh A.130 & 132 Union St.9696 From Ref 2.
Brown, J. & Sons49 Oxford St.6666 Ref 1 has 66 - 68
Brown, J. & Sons1 Landressy St., Bridgeton6767 From Ref 2.
Brown, Barnes & Bell132, 134 West Nile St.8186
Brown, Jas.5 St. Vincent Pl.8686
Brown, Jas.Broomhill Studio, 176 Crow Rd.0208
Brown, Jas.657 Great Western rd.8686 Ref. 5 only
Brown, John48 Gordon St.7070 Ref. 4 only.
Brown, John120 Trongate7878 Ref. 1 has till 1980
Brown, John, R.401 Dumbarton Rd.8888 ' Autotype'
Browning, Theresa65 Paisley Rd.6464
Browning, Theresa14 Pollok St.6565
Browning, Theresa127 Paisley rd.6667
Browning, Theresa66 South Kinning Pl.6868
Browning, Theresa12 Cumberland St.6969
Broydo, J.7 & 9 Queen's Arcade8386 Off Queen St.?
Broydo, J.23 Castle St.8484 Ref 1 has 'Broyds'
Broydo, J.110 Eglinton St.8484
Buchanan & Armour13 Alexandra Park St.0114 Ref. 5 has till 1912
Buchanan, Alex.Wellcroft St.6767 Ref. 4 has him here in 1870
Buchanan, J.299 Sauchiehall St.5757
Buchanan, Liddell62 Jamaica St.7375 Ref. 1 has 72 - 76. Could be 'Liddell, Buchanan' ?
Burnbank Studio19 West Garden St.1414+
Burne, J. C.Jail Square, Saltmarket5757 Ref 2 has 57 - 67. Presumably the same person in the six entries below.
Burne, J. C.Court House Sq., 184 Saltmarket5867
Burne, J. C. & SonCourt House Sq., 184 Saltmarket6874
Burne, J. C.Court House Sq., 184 Saltmarket7475 See entry two above
Burne, J. C.98 Trongate7678
Burne, J. C.20 Bridge St.8284
Burne, J. C.660 Eglinton St., Andrew's Cross8586
Burnett & Pearson65 Jamaica St.0102 In Ref. 6 till 1904.
Burnett, F. A.55 Argyle St.1114+
Burnie & Robertson259 Sauchiehall St.0606
Burnie, Robt.86 Woodlands Rd.0714+
Burns, Chas.184 Paisley Rd.8686 From Ref. 4 only