Ebenezer H. Carnegie, 51 Bridge St., 1864 - 1868

thk = 17 - 18 thk = 15 - 17

The two cdvs above are on thin card (0.016") and show ladies with the covered ears, a style associated with the early years of the decade. Unusually, Ebenezer gives us a good view of a painted backdrop in the first, somewhat different from the reality of Bridge street. Both of these probably come the first years at this address.

thk = 19 - 21 thk = 19 - 22

The second two are on on slightly thicker card (0.019"), and thus probably later, though arranged by the design on the back the first of these might be placed earliest. The small 'straight tape' design on the back of the second, and the use of the vignette, probably places this card in 1867 or 1868.

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