The 'C' List

In the table below, 'FKD' is the first known date at which the photographer was found to be operating, and 'LKD' the last date. '86' is 1886, and '14+' means the person was in business after 1914. A highlighted entry means that there are examples of photographers work, which can be seen by clicking on the name. For the references, see the 'SOURCES' section.

Photographer NameAddressFKD LKDComments
Caldwell, W.4 Bellgrove St. 8586 In Refs 1 & 2.
Caledonian Portrait Rooms249 Argyle St.8080
Caledonian Portrait Rooms310 Gallowgate8083 from Torrance
Cameron's Amer. Portrait Rms.23 Jamaica St.8080 Ref 1 has 80 - 82.
Cameron, Chas23 Jamaica St.8282 Ref 4. has him here in 1878
Campbell & Cameron263 Hope St.6667 Ref 1 has Campbell & Brown here 66 - 68
Campbell & Co.100 Cowcaddens St.8384
Campbell, D. P.510 Govan Rd.9395 In Ref 2.
Campbell, John3 Cecil St., Paisley Rd. West9697 Ref 2 has 95 - 01
Campbell, W. & Co.4 St. Enoch Sq.9600
Carleton, Jas. B. 839 New City Rd9200 Ref 2 has 92 - 02. 'Photographer and Re-Toucher'. In Ref. 6 till 1903.
Carnegie, Ebenezer H.51 Bridge St.6468
Carnegie, E. H.167 St. Georges Rd.8492
Carnegie, H. W.132 West Nile St.9596
Carter, Francis E.73 Stirling Rd.8891
Carter, Francis E.1 Chatham Pl. Stirling Rd.8991 In Ref 2.
Cecil Studio152 Sauchiehall St.0114+ See 'Studio Cecil'.
Chalmers Bros.62 Jamaica St.6368 Ref. 4 has Chalmers, John, in 1867
Chalmers, Stephen83 Jamaica St.6668
Chambers & Sellars85 Buchanan St.7276
Chambers, Wm. & o.85 Buchanan St.8285
Champlin J. & Co.259 Sauchiehall St.9500 '& Co' from 1896
Charters, John.40 Bellgrove St.0000 Ref. 4 only. See 'Boyle & Charters'
Chisholm, H. & H.Nr. Railway Station, Partick?? Known only from one cdv
Christie, A. & Co.25 Cleland St.5657 Ref 1 has 56 - 59
Clarke, Jas.234 Sauchiehall St.8686
Clydesdale Photographic Co.22 Argyle St.0707 Ref. 6 has 'Clydevale'
Cochrane, John76 Renfrew St.9393 In Ref 2.
Colvin & Co.Eglinton Toll8585 Ref 1 has 85 - 87
Colvin & Co.Maxwell Rd., Pollokshields8686 In Ref 2.
Colvin, Wm.14 St. James St., Paisley Rd.9710
Conacher, Mary3 Ell Corner buildings, Govan0308
Conacher, Mary574 Govan Road, Govan0707 from Torrance.
Connell & Cameron 234 Sauchiehall St.9090
Connell, Jas.434 Dumbarton Rd.8686 In Ref 2.
Cook, Chas.265 Eglinton St.8081
Cook, Chas.39 Saltmarket8389 Trade directories have 'Cooke'
Cook, Chas.151 Gallowgate8488 Trade directories have 'Cooke'
Cook, Chas.53 Gallowgate8989 In Ref 2.
Cooke, Chas.161 Trongate9300
Cook, Jnr. (Jos?)11 West Nile St.9807 In Ref. 2 till 1909
Core, John8 Mathieson Rd.8082
Cosmopolitan Fine Art Co.40 Montrose St.0505 In Ref. 6 till 1907
Couper, J. & R.219 St. Vincent St.0213 Royal Studio. 'Flashlight experts'.
Couper, J. & R.233 St. Vincent St.1314+ 'Flashlight experts'.
Courtenay, Lindo150 Stockwell St.6263 Ref. 2 has 159 Stockwell St. Ref. 1 has 'Linds, Courtenay'
Cowan, Wm.249 Argyle St.7676
Cramb Bros. 67 West Nile St.5975 Ref 1 has 56 - 79
Cramb Bros.65 Jamaica St.7676
Cramb, John67 West Nile St.6666 Perhaps should be Cramb Bros.
Crighton, F.146 West Regent St.8686 In Ref 2.
Crighton's Studio184 Paisley Rd.0506
Crippen, Francis G. D.28 Seamore St.0707
Crippen, F. G. D.3 Holyrood Quadrant1114+
Crow A. & Co.34 St. Enoch Sq.90?90? from Torrance.
Crow Geo & Co.136 Buchanan St.0014+ 'Queen's Studio'.
Cumming, Gilbert108 West George St.6467 Ref 1 has 64 - 70
Cumming, Gilbert85 Buchanan St.7070 Ref. 4 only.
Cumming, G.62 Jamaica St.7679
Cumming, Gilbert.3 James Morrison St.8082
Cunningham, A.4 Cecil St., Ibrox0202 Ref. 4 has him here in 1907. In Ref. 6 till 1903.
Cunningham & Webster4 Cecil St., Ibrox 0308