James Dewar, 6 Union St., 1857 -1865

Ninth plate ambrotype in pinchbeck inner casing, with imitation leather outer case, 6.1 cm width by 7.6 cm, outside dimensions. Beautifully preserved portrait with original tinting of cheeks, hair ornaments and ring, probably no later than 1860. It is not clear why Dewar identifies himself on the label (enlarged x 2 above) as an American artist, but it is interesting that the trade directories show him at 6 Union street, the address that was occupied by the first known professional photographer in Glasgow, H. W. Treffry, in 1842. These are probably the premises which are shown high up on the left in the photograph in the 'Other Aspects of Interest' section of this site. Later at least, there was no separate entrance at No. 2 or 4 Union St., so No. 6 was effectively on the corner of Argyle St.

The delightful cdv below is a classic early 1860s portrait, showing a painted backdrop, the gentleman levelled off with two books, neck brace stand visible, and knobbly stick or umbrella.

thk = 16 - 19

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