The 'D' List

In the table below, 'FKD' is the first known date at which the photographer was found to be operating, and 'LKD' the last date. '86' is 1886, and '14+' means the person was in business after 1914. A highlighted entry means that there are examples of photographers work, which can be seen by clicking on the name. To see the references access the 'SOURCES' section

Photographer NameAddressFKD LKDComments
Dalglish, Robt. Jnr. Kilmardinny House, Milngavie?? Son of the Glasgow MP of the same name, (see the Annan cdvs) Robert junior was probably an amateur.
Davidson & Co.Eglinton Toll 8282Ref 2 has '82 - '85
Davidson, PeterEglinton Toll8384 Ref 1 has '82 - '86
Davis, Ovinius33 Bath St.6667
Davis, Ovinius52 West Nile St.6610 In Ref. 6 till 1908
Day, Norman56 Jamaica St.1012 Ref. 2 has 1901 - 1911
Dennistoun Photographic40 Bellgrove St.9292 Ref 1 has '91 - '94
Dennistoun Photographic839 New City Rd.9292
Desabris, B.20 Howard St.5455 Ref 3 has 'Disabris' '54 - '57. Directories have 'Desahris'
Dessurne, MarkBath St.5252
Dessurne, Mark263 Hope St.5759 In Ref. 4 till 1860.
Dessurne, Miss2 Lynedoch Pl., Woodlands5556
Dewar, Jas.57 Buchanan St.5656
Dewar, Jas.6 Union St.5765 Produced ambrotypes in the early years.
Dewar, Jas.430 Argyle St.6262
Dewar, James.296 Shields Rd.1414+
Dewar, John S.155 Sauchiehall St.6161
Dickson, Wm.16 St. Enoch Sq.5873
Dickson, Wm.190 Trongate7475
Dickson, Wm.46 Jamaica St.7683
Dobbie, Richard Lizars95 Bath St.9396
Dobbie, Richard Lizars202 Hope St.9797
Dobson & Paterson536 Gairbraid St.9898 Ref 1 has 98 - 00
Dodd, John136 Buchanan St.6767
Dodd, R. T.65 Jamaica St.8700
Dodd, R. T.61 Westmoreland St.0104
Dodd, R. T.38 Garturk St. 0413
Doig, John390 Dumbarton Rd. 0614+ ' Successor to John Aitken'
Douglas, J.145 Sauchiehall St.5767 More details are available on this family of photographers in
Douglas, J. & Son145 Sauchiehall St.66?75?
Douglas, J. & Son108 Renfield St.7683
Douglas, John425 Sauchiehall St.8686 From Ref. 4.
Douglas, Wm.51 Buchanan St.8788 Probably son of John above, and the 'Son' in the 'Douglas & Son' from 1868.
Douglas, Wm.46 Mitchell St.8788
Downie, David C.10 Jamaica St.6170
Downie, David C.46 Jamaica St.7075
Duguid, David & Sons108 Renfield St.8586 Ref 1 has Duguid, David at 137 New City Rd. from 85 - 87
Dunbar, A. & Co.4 Bellgrove St.8998 also seemingly at 165 Saracen St. for part of this period.
Dunbar, A. & Co.25 Jamaica St.9512 Just Dunbar, A. from 1897?
Dunbar, T.22 Gairbraid St.0709 Ref. 5 only
Duncan, Jas.57 Argyle St.6670
Duncan, John109 Grt. Western Rd.0707 Ref. 4
Duncan, John H. & Co.1 Dundas St.8989 From Ref 2.