John Douglas, 145 Sauchiehall St., 1857 to 1867,

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Three cdvs from the very early 1860s, the first two featuring the same curtain, table cloth and carpet. The one below, shows the same formidable Aunt Lucy as in the first above. The gentleman above has an extremely tall top hat, which is characteristic of the period.

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It seems that John was joined by his son, perhaps Walter, on or before 1863 to operate a business in Helensburgh. The Helensburgh directories in 1867 only list a John Douglas as an artist, not a photographer, however, and this could have been a son of John senior. The directories give the address as 69 Clyde Street West, but it is possible this is the same location as on the cards below. Walter died in 1868, and another son, perhaps William, joined operations in Renfield street in Glasgow. More information on the extensive Douglas family of photographers and artists is available on the Edinburgh web site,

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