Dunbar & Co., 4 Bellgrove St., 1889 - 1898

The cabinet card above with the gold coloured lettering printed but not embossed is of a style which was more common around the mid 1880s, so would be expected to date from the first years at these addresses. The card also shows that Dunbar had a presence in Saracen street, (bottom right) but no dates have been found for this. The print itself has faded badly (the image above has been enhanced) and few details of the sad couple can be clearly seen.

The exhuberant ornamentation on the back of cards such as the cdv above reached a peak at the end of the 1880s, but carried over into the early 1890s. This is a 'Reg. C, E, & C' design. Thereafter, the back became plainer, and text was put on the front only. The remnants of the tissue which folded over to protect the face can be seen at the top of the back.

The style of dark card above with the gilt and bevelled edge and embossed gilt text is commonly found between 1885 and 1895. It is perhaps later than those above, with no mention of the Saracen street address.

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