Lafayette, 11 - 21 Gordon St., 1891 - 1914+

The card above is larger than the standard cabinet card (10.7 x 16.5 cms), measuring 12.4 x 20.8 cms, but apart from the diagonal name on the back has the same design as the one below. It generous in its display of medals won by the company. The date of the last medal on the back of the card is 1890, and they seem to have been won more or less annually, so the card may be dated to 1891 or 1892. The first year mentioned is 1884 which pre-dates any presence found in Glasgow.

The cabinet card below with the lady holding the black edged letter has the same array of medals on the back, but is numbered 63,672, which if the numbering system was not reset, would make it much later than the one above, putting it in the late 1890s. If so, it was late for this type of dark card with the gilt bevelled edge. Note that these cards carry an address from 11 Gordon St., which has not been found in the directories. Either or both of these might have come from the Dublin studios, though they were obtained in Scotland

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