The 'IJKL' List

In the table below, 'FKD' is the first known date at which the photographer was found to be operating, and 'LKD' the last date. '86' is 1886, and '14+' means the person was in business after 1914. A highlighted entry means that there are examples of photographers work, which can be seen by clicking on the name. The references are detailed in the 'SOURCES' section

Photographer NameAddressFKD LKDComments
Ireland, E.234 Sauchiehall St.8586
Ivv Photo Co., The474 Paisley Rd.1112
Ivv Photo Co., The21 Argyle St.1114+
Jackson, J. W.510 Govan Rd.,Portland Buildings 8082
Jamieson, Robt.1111 Pollokshaws Rd.0109 Ref 2 has 98 - 11
Jamieson, W.1429 Pollokshaws Rd.9500
Jamieson, Wm.1433 Pollokshaws Rd.0104 Ref. 1 has 1902 - 1903. In Ref. 6 till 1906.
Jewell, J.37 Jamaica St.8082? Gem tintypes.
Johnston, D,345 New City Rd.8383 Ref. 2.
Johnstone, David158 Woodlands Rd.8699
Johnston Henry C.37 Jamaica St.8282 Ref. 4 has him here in 1878
Johnston Henry C.161 Trongate8686
Johnston Henry C.190 Trongate8700 Possibly till 1903.
Johnson, Henry C.74 Broomielaw8989 From Ref 2.
Johnston, W. C.21 Argyle St.0508 H. C. in 1907? 'Argyle Studios'
Johnson, Wm. & Miss Margaret346 Sauchiehall St.9609 Proprietors of Paterson's Studio.
Johnson, Wm. Sen.52 West Nile St.8282
Kay, John H.195½ Argyle St.5960
Kay, John H.123½ Argyle St.6161
Kay, John H. 57 Argyle St.6265
Kay & Son22 Argyle St.7272
Kennedy, Pat.57 Argyle St.5757 Ref 4 has 57 - 60
Kennedy, Peter62 Jamaica St.5862
Kennedy, Peter46 Jamaica St.6370
Keppie, G. & Co.56 Jamaica St.9508 Ref. 5 has till 1912
Kinloch, Chas.202 Hope St.0612 Kinloch, C. R. from 1908
Kyle & Cameron 49 Main St., Anderston9907
Kyle, David W.49 Main St., Anderston0202
Kyle, David W.569 Argyle St.0612 Ref. 6 has Kyle & Cameron here in 1906.
Lafayette, J.15 Gordon St.9114+ 11 - 21 Gordon St. in mid 1890s, 15 - 21 Gordon St. from 1911.
Laing, T.21 Argyle St.6468
Laing, Thos.202 Hope St.6969 In Ref.1 only
Langfier, Louis & Co.202 Hope St.9397
Langfier Ltd.158 Sauchiehall St.9608 Langfier, Louis Saul, after 1903
Langfier, Saul.137 Sauchiehall St.0514+
Lavedra, Claude de328 Renfrew St.0007 also as 'Lavadre, Claude De', and 'Delavdre, Claude'
Lawrence Bros.262 Sauchiehall St6971
Lawrence, C. G.10 Willowbank Crest..7171 From Ref 2.
Lawson & Redpath75 St. Vincent St.9797 From Ref 2.
Lawson & Redpath18 Charing Cross Mansions9899 From Ref 2.
Leck, John116 Sauchiehall St.6062
Leck, John249 Argyle St.6370
Lenard, W.12 University Ave.0303 In Ref. 6 till 1904
Linds, Courteney150 Stockwell St.6263 From Ref 1 only. But see Courtenay, Lindo.
Lindsay, Thos.The Studio, Clarkston1414+
Lloyd, H. L.202 Sauchiehall St.1112
Low, Peter 74 Jamaica St.6367 Ref. 4 has him here in 1870
Low, Peter193 Sauchiehall St.6667
Low, Wm. & Son57 Gordon St.4860 From Ref. 3
Low, Wm. & Son190 Trongate4860 From Ref. 3
Lowrie, Jas. Fred.10 Jamaica St.7882 From Ref. 4.
Lowrie, Frank H.46 Jamaica St.8686 From Ref. 4.
Luboskey, Ela.85 St. George's Rd.0304 From Ref. 4.
Lyle, T. Byrom95 Bath St.8686 From Ref 2.