Turnbull & Sons, 10 Jamaica St., 1885 - 1908

We can see from this cdv that at this new Glasgow address Turnbull initially occupied the same Belfast and Greenock locations as he had when at 75 Jamaica street. However, he is also recorded in 1885 at the new 37 Hamilton street address in Greenock, so this cdv must come from this year. The small print at the bottom of the card reads 'A A Co', presumably the supplier of the card backing.

Their premises now include Larne and Hawick, and on the second card here, London. Hawick is the heart of traditional Turnbull country, and they seem to have occupied the Bridge street premises from 1885 till 1889, though there is one reference to a presence there in 1893 (Torrance). No dates have been found so far for Larne or London.

Examples of the protective tissue that some of these cdvs were supplied with are shown below. Note that the first of these has perhaps come from London, showing as it does on the card itself the London name first.

The cards above and the cabinet card below do not show a presence in Kilmarnock where the company arrived in 1892, so must be from between 1885 and this date. However, the dress sleeves of the younger ladies below suggest a date in the early 1890s, which perhaps supports a Hawick address later than 1889. These cards and the emulsion layer are now thicker, and the emulsion layer shows a tendency to peel away from the backing, a characteristic of the Chromotype process.

The back of the cdvs below show that the company have now left Larne and Hawick, but perhaps there remains a legacy of their presence there in the blank rectangles under the Belfast and Greenock addresses on the first. All the cards below must be between 1889 and 1892, but the sequence is not certain.

The cdv and cabinet card below must be before 1892, since Kilmarnock does not appear.These are on cards supplied by the Glasgow printer George Mason & Co., with a slightly different design to the second cdv above. The cdv below has a gilt but unchamfered edge, the cabinet card a square unpainted edge.

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