Turnbull & Sons, 10 Jamaica St., 1885 - 1908

The thick, self-coloured cards below, with their gilt and mitred edges, and now blank back probably come from the early 1890s - again there is no mention of their Kilmarnock operations. Very few cdvs were produced after the 1890s.

The back of the cabinet card below shares the general design of earlier cards, but Kilmarnock is now included, so it must be later than 1892, but before 1902, when the Turnbulls ceased trading in Greenock.

The next version below has lost the Belfast address making it later than 1898, but retains Greenock, thus earlier than 1902. (See the diagram in the 'Charles Turnbull' section)

The final cabinet cards below mention the premises in Kilmarnock, so must be later than 1892. The first is probably from the end of the century, as it has the same layout as the second, which is after 1902 since Greenock premises are not listed. They bear the Clan Turnbull motto 'Audaci Favet Fortuna' , which could well mean 'Fortune favours the Brave', and the diagram above the motto shows the turn(ed) bull which appears on the clan coat of arms. After 1909 the company seem to have been named 'Turnbull & Mainds'

The above image courtesy of Campbell Mitchell.

The back of the second card above (shown below) is particularly informative; as well as bearing a negative number, it shows the date of establishment as 1849 (top right), and identifies the Proprietor as J. G. Mainds. A Charles Turnbull is known to have set up at 10 Jamaica street in 1849, and had a son also Charles born in 1852, and another son Robert.

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