The 'M' List

In the table below, 'FKD' is the first known date at which the photographer was found to be operating, and 'LKD' the last date. '86' is 1886, and '14+' means the person was in business after 1914. A highlighted entry means that there are examples of photographers work, which can be seen by clicking on the name. For the references, see the 'SOURCES' section.

Photographer NameAddressFKD LKDComments
MacCluskey, P. & Son145 Shields Rd.7778 Torrance.
MacFarlane, David16 South Hanover St.6061 Ref. 1 has 165 South Hanover St., from 59 - 63.
MacFarlane, D.74 Broomielaw9797
MacFarlane, John R.447 Sauchiehall St.8686 From Ref 4.
MacIntosh, A. W.294 Shields Rd.0309 In Ref. 2 till 1914
MacIntyre, J.27 Alexander St.8491 Ref 1 has 84 - 87
MacIntyre, J. G.36 Clarendon Pl. Partick9293
Mackay.123 St. Vincent St.60+? No record of this practitioner in the directories. Only known from one cdv.
Mackay, A.77 West Regent St.9797 From Ref 2.
MacKenzie, Geo. Jnr.195 Dumbarton Rd.8383 Ref 2 has 83 - 85
MacKenzie, Wm.917 Garscube Rd.9595 Ref. 2
MacKenzie, M. K.12 University Ave. 0714+
MacLeod, John14 Buchanan St.7272 Ref. 1 has 14 Buchan St., 1872 - 1874
MacLure, MacDonald & Co.2 Bothell Circus. 9013
MacNab, Alex.190 Trongate5555
MacNab, Alex.67 West Nile St.5657 Early years only in Ref. 3. Ref. 4 has him here in 1867.
MacNab, Alex. 98 West Nile St.5871
MacNab, Alex.96 West Nile St.7276
MacNab, Alex. 92 West Nile St.7709 Also in Uddingston
MacNab, Alex. 89 Dalmarnock rd,. Victoria Studios9501
MacNab, Alex.169 Calder St.0101 Ref. 2
MacNab, Alex.8 Battle Pl., Langside0614+
MacNair, J. B.11 West Nile St.7286
MacNiven, J.5 West Regent St..9395 From Ref 2.
MacWilliams, Alex.16 South Hanover St. 6774
Magneus, Isadore50 Buccleuch St.5656
Magues, Louis64 Buchanan St.5455 Ref 1 has 54 - 57
Martin, JohnEasterhouse, Baillieston 8900Ref. 2.
Mason, Richard449 Springburn Rd.8586 Ref. 4 has 461 Springburn Rd.
Mason, Richard30 Lansdowne Cres.8686
May Bros.296 Shields Rd.1213
McCluskey, P. & Sons145 Shields rd.7778 Ref 2 has MacCluskey. Ref. 4 has 'Daniel'.
McColl, Robt.6 Union St.8083 Ref 1 has 'MacColl'. Ref. 4 has 'McCall' in 1882
McCorkindale, Archd.55 Grt. Hamilton St.6060 From Ref. 2.
McCracken, John.9 Caledonia Rd.1414+
McCrossan, Joseph & Co.63, 65 Stockwell St. (depot)5960 or 'MacCrossan'
McCrossan, Joseph & Co.86, 88 Maxwell St. (depot)6161 or 'MacCrossan'
McDonald & Co.75 Buchanan St.0506 or 'MacDonald'
McEwan, John328 Renfield St.1014+
McEwan, Peter B.Titwood Studio, Seymour St.0204
McFarlane, Hugh108 Argyle St.5761 Ref.s. 1 and 4 have 'Mac....' for this gentleman.
McFarlane, Hugh107 Buchanan St.6271 Ref 1 has 107 - 108 Buchanan St. from '57 -' 70
McInnes, Alex316 New City rd.8989 Ref 1 has 88 - 91
McInnes, John411 Gairbraid St., Maryhill8989 Possibly an error, and should be '41'
McInnes, John 41 Gairbraid St., Maryhill9393 Nos 43 and 45 also appear in directories, perhaps in error
McInnes & Co.28 Gairbraid St.9599 Ref. 5 has him at 288 Gairbraid St. in 1897.
McInnes, Wm.19 West Garden St.0304
McIntyre, Alex.8 Mathieson Rd. 80s?80s?Oakbank Studio. Not found in directories
McLennan, Kenneth83 Jamaica St.6465 Ref 1 has MacLennan
McLure, MacDonald & Co.2 Bothwell Circus9013 Possibly 'MacLure'
McLure, MacDonald & Co.164 - 178 Bothwell Circus1314+ Possibly 'MacLure'
McTear, A. & W.4 St. Enoch Sq. (depot)5962
McTear, A. & W.67 Buchanan St.6369 Andrew McTear was one of the vice presidents of the Glasgow Photographic Association from 1861 till 1869
Mellish, Walter16 Prospecthill rd.0114+
Mellish, Walter16 Grange Terr., Langside0707 Ref. 4.
Mesnard, W.61 Grove St.6566
Middleton, John168 New City Rd.1013
Miller & Co.22 Argyle St.6667
Miller, John40 West Nile St.9397 From Ref 2.
Milne, R.Main St., Cambuslang9393 Ref. 2
Milne, Wm. A.601 Govan Rd.9700
Milne, Wm. A.9 North Napier St., Govan0108 No record in directories for 1904 or 1905.
Milne, Wm. A.2 North Napier St., Govan0914+
Mitchell, Chas.149 Dumbarton rd.9105 Sandyford Studio. See entry below.
Mitchell, Chas. 498 Victoria Rd.9314+ Queen's Park Studio, Crosshill. Torrance from 1891.
Mitchell, Chas.518 Great Western Rd.9702 West End Studio. See entry above. In Ref. 6 till 1903.
Mitchell, Chas.1041 Argyle St.0609
Mitchell, Chas.118 Prince Albert St., Strathbungo0707 Ref. 4.
Monapenny, M.243 Sauchiehall St.9914+
Mora136 Buchanan St.0000 Ref. 4
Morris, John190 Trongate5660
Morris, John129 Trongate5657 From Ref 2.
Morris, John199 Trongate5858 From Ref 2.
Morrison, G. & M.166 Buchanan St.8492 ' Of Machinery'
Morrison, G. & M.92 St. Vincent St.9307 ' Engineering'
MP Studio86 Paisley Road West.??Only known from one portrait
Muir, WalterCrossmyloof9393 Ref. 4 only
Muirhead, Lewis P.534 Sauchiehall St.0012 Albany Chambers
Munro, Daniel65 Bath St.6767
Murray, Wm. (1)37 Arlington St.6165 Two Wm. Murrays are tentatively identified on the basis of continuity and location.
Murray, Wm. (1)9 Canon St.6667
Murray, Wm. (1) 74 Broomielaw St.6787
Murray, Wm. (1)The Studio, 4 Queen's Cres.8895 Ref 2 has 93 - 95
Murray, Wm. (1)Albert Mansions, Crosshill9696
Murray, Wm. (1)108 Albert rd.9709 This is possibly the same location as above.
Murray, Wm. (2)3 North Albion St.6162
Murray, Wm. (2)25 North Albion St.6363
Murray, Wm. (2)65 Jamaica St.6465